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The Ultimate Anime Stop

Hello its me, Game Rater Neo and here is our most recent ratings (based on a 5 * system).

Final Fantasy 7
This game includes challenge and good movie graphics.In the map sections where you are moving around the graphics suck. In battle it is decent.You are basicly trying to defeat a madman who wants to destroy the world (as such in most Final Fantasys)
(system:Playstation 1)

Final Fantasy 8
This game I felt was less of a challange than Final Fantasy 7, but still had an overal good story. I never liked love stories.In the map sections the graphics have had a major improvement over Final Fantasy 7. In battle it is similar to the map. On the map in towns or locations, you see all three people on your team at once. You are basicly trying to stop a Witch from destroying the world(as such in most Final Fantasies).
(system:Playstation 1)
Kyle(Master L)

Pokemon Gold/Silver
This game I would say is more for younger kids. Older people may find it boring. As in most of the series its goal is to catch all of the critters and defeat rivaling opponets.
(system:Game Boy)
Master Monk


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